Apple event

Wow – apple is finally moving back to something good with its hardware

The Mac mini got the update it needed.

The new air looks reasonably good, and better than the MacBook pros as they have a proper keyboard

And the ipad.  That ipad.  Looks really good.

This was a really big event – apple is going in the right direction again

Rome T3 Plaza Lounge

Have to say that the gluten free options have improved remarkably throughout Italy in the last few years.

With one notable exception: the business lounge of qantas/emirates in the airport terminal.  It took them 10 minutes to pull something gluten free out of the freezer (nothing much in the lounge apparently is gluten free).

When they did find their only gluten free offering, we got this:

(Warning – graphic content below)

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This town was the other side of Pompeii, and it was similarly covered in the eruption in 79AD.  Similar to Pompeii, everyone in the town died pretty quickly from either boiling mud or the tsunami that followed.

It was first uncovered about 300 years ago, and the restoration work continues today.  Much of the old city is now dozens of meters below the surface, preserved from Roman times.

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