Day of rest

Its day three of our cycling holiday down south. I’m in a good holiday mode, which is great. It at least partially compensates for the physical discomfort of the last two days of riding.

Day one Quinninup to Manjimup

Day one was a heavy day. 3805 calories on the wahoo counter. 45.7 Km with about 800 metres of climb. Hard work.

Day 2 Donnelly River to Manjimup

I think this should have been the harder day, but I was still tired from day one so I didn’t push quite as hard. Mostly because I couldn’t.

But technically a longer and harder ride. At least this time I didn’t need medical evacuation from the trail and made it all the way to Manjimup

944 metres of climb over 50km of off road trail. I guess the satisfaction at the end of the ride was worth it.

Munda Biddi

Starting the bike trip – today being a travel day.

The place we are staying is pretty nice – The apple is really nicely set up for the next few days in Bridgetown.

Its nice to just chill out.

Flat Tyre.

I guess if you are going to have a flat tyre, its good to do it on a main street. Pity that means a 200Km tow job to get the hire car tyre’s fixed.

Ultimately its a first world problem. There are bigger concerns in life.


Never been here before. Its a pretty nice place – staying at a resort in preparation for the spring scientific meeting.

Mostly I’m just chilling out with all of this.

Server down due to Eaton 3s 550 failure.

My UPS failed me in a big way yesterday – and it took out a whole circuit in my house. Which included the router (so no internet) and indeed no front gate electricity.

Very disappointing. It’s supposed to proceed from this very thing, and instead it actually caused it. Paint me unimpressed with this model.