I’m putting this as its own page as I think its probably the most important thing that we need to understand.

Energy is what enables our society to function.

We have two main energy distribution networks – electricity and liquid fuels. A third, gas hydrocarbons, is not nearly as evolved.

Liquid fuels are going to start to fail us in the next few years. The world will not be the same after this event. They aren’t going to disappear overnight, but they are already at a plateau.  Soon they will decline, and our entire model of economic growth will fail with it. In the future people will write textbooks about how obvious it was that continuous economic growth wasn’t possible.  Today, however, most governments are still trying to make this happen, and don’t want to adapt to where things are going.

If there is anything that really is worthwhile putting on the internet, its information about this.


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Energy, Tech and Dogs