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Difficult times

Its strange. Lots of difficult times at the moment. A good friend in hospital. Another good friend whose father has died over in Sydney. It reminds me of how fragile and special life is. And how fleeting it can be.

I’m thinking of these people now. Wishing them well.

Phillips funeral

Rendering Phillips funeral video on FCP. Wow that is processor intensive.

Hopefully I can put something online soon to stream out. But its a slow process.

At least I am able to do it now. Next step is to document things for the coronial investigation.

Phillips Passing

I have struggled with all of this – its been too painful to really deal with at all until now.

I’m slowly getting my head around the way that this all happened. And also that he just isn’t here any more. I get reminded every time I drive somewhere near where he was, or think of doing something I would do with him.

Its all been compounded by the coronial investigation just delaying everything, and I still don’t know what the outcome of that is. Its a system fault that he got sick in a hospital that could not manage physical illness. Maybe we can change that.

I’ll write some more when I can bring myself to.

If you are reading this – stay healthy, life is precious and precarious all in one package that can unravel very easily.


Optimising Mac Storage

Discovered that optimising storage is not a good thing for the server. Basically fills my SSD up for no good reason.

Recovered over 100GB of space by turning this off. Its not like I even keep anything useful on this account in terms of photos, etc.