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And finally we have solar. It’s been a while coming, but here now. Only 2/3 installed (waiting for a software update for the last 1/3 to get installed). Will want the rest in place before winter.

I’m finding it really interesting to watch the flow of current.


So much to update – I know I’ve been kind of silent for. a while.

The big thing has to be the new family members. No names as yet, but thought I’d get this down for the record.

11 weeks old – Born 11 December 2023. Very cute little puppies.

Brought them home yesterday. Love them already.


Madrid wasn’t on my list, except as a connection flight (San Sebastian -> Madrid -> Porto) but due to a missed connection, I’m spending the night here.

Having said that – I like Madrid, so I’ve had a nice evening all up.

San Sebastian

This place has been a great visit in Spain. We had three days here, and its been a great stop over to take in, with amazing food in the setting of a really nice beach town in Spain.

The Guggenheim

This was a side trip to Bilbao which is the home of the Guggenheim’s museum in Europe. Its a fascinating piece of architecture in what was an old mining town.


Two days in Biarritz. It’s a surfing city, on the coast of southern France. It’s nice enough, and certainly very pretty with ocean views.

You can see the swimmers and surfers in the water.

Heading down to Spain today

Last day in St Emillion

It’s been a great day of wine tasting, eating, and generally having a nice time to finish up here. Also at trip to Libourne . That follows on from exploring the town yesterday.

Off to Biarritz tomorrow.

St. Emillion

This is a town not far from Bordeaux, and it’s a big wine growing district.

We have taken out a house in the middle of the wine fields, about 10 minutes walk out of the town of St Emillion. Its a huge place, with four large bedrooms all with ensuites, and also a huge downstairs area which should give everyone some space.

The view out of the living area is straight at St Emillion

St Emillion itself seems to be full of wine shops, and other things, but its an interesting town built on a very sloped hill. Its pretty by day and by night.

The Submarine Museum

This is an old converted submarine base built by the Germans in WW2 to service their war effort. Its architecture is stunningly brutal, and way out of context for Bordeaux

For whatever reason, I thought it would be a military museum. It was nothing of the sort.

Instead, it’s a homage to Salvador Dali, and it is an almost psychedelic experience. Pitch dark throughout, with a psychedelic rendering of the works of Dali. Colours bouncing off the water pools that submarines used to float in.

A static picture does not do it justice however as this was all animated in a style that I think Dali would have approved of.

Set to a musical score mostly done by Pink Floyd.

It was an amazing experience.