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Optimising Mac Storage

Discovered that optimising storage is not a good thing for the server. Basically fills my SSD up for no good reason.

Recovered over 100GB of space by turning this off. Its not like I even keep anything useful on this account in terms of photos, etc.

Wall mounted iPad

Definitely my next project – replace the wall mounted iPod touch that is broken with an older iPad.

  • Make it the home hub
  • Put a nice clock face on it.

Just need to find the time.

And yes – able to write this post on the wordpress app so the XML-RPC is working properly. Don’t need the web interface.

Proxy server Fix

Just worked out (yes – I’m that slow..) that all I needed to so was change the $_SERVER environment variable so that I can properly record the IP address of incoming requests.

Since I set up the proxy server a while ago to split out the websites onto different virtual machines, all my site stats recorded the proxy server as the originating site of the web page requests. Which was sort of true – everything was coming via the proxy server – but I do like to know where in the world people are coming from looking at this site.

For the record the fix just required this entry in the wp-config.php file. I basically rewrite the REMOTE_ADDR variable to look into where the proxy has forwarded it from.

/* By MGV on 20200607 - New entry to handle proxy server
     - this will allow us to see the real IP of the client
     - rather than the proxy server IP */


I guess this could blow up if the site goes to a different server, but for now, its getting the right Internet address for site stats.

Two rides

A long weekend, one extra day, one extra ride.

Saturday Ride

The Munda Biddi was wet, and difficult. Just a bit of a loop done here. The most interesting thing was the conveyor belt road. Thats a 52 Km conveyor belt for bauxite from the Huntley mine to Pinjarra where its turned into aluminium.

So, a pretty hard ride. Wet and sunny in equal amounts. Only 30Km but that’s off road riding for you. With a well earned lunch and coffee afterwards. Thanks to all the restrictions, that meant driving to Mundijong to get anything…

So a map here of the ride, with Perth included. Its that little circle at the bottom in cyan…

Monday Ride

Despite all that – we were still good enough to ride again today. At least on a road ride. For at least three of us, anyway. A much easier, if longer, 40 Km ride around perth. From home to Canning bridge, then to Claremont and back over the Canning before returning home. So much easier than off road..

Yes – I had fun cutting and pasting this image together from my cycle computer.

Saturday Ride

The ride to nowhere. Nowhere being the international airport. There was a security guy there who didn’t want us to take photos of the Rio Tinto COVID signs. Couldn’t figure out why, as there wasn’t anyone there, and we could take photos of the airport terminals.

Also interesting to see the new train station being built. Its strangely in the center of the terminal, near the air traffic control tower. That might seem good, but its actually a long way away from the terminals. Hope the travellators go fast.

Still a good 50 Km ride, the day before the storm.