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NSW just getting worse

Its pretty sad to look at, but the figures are not good for NSW.

Today from the NSW health website. NSW health has around 500 ICU beds, from what I can determine. So about a quarter of them now are used for COVID.

This will be worse within a couple of weeks.


From the NSW health website – unknown source in last 24 hours = 194.

Unknown source for previous week was 764. Therefore, for the previous six days the average unknown source was 95 per day (764-194)/6.

The NSW average for the previous week before this was 463/7 = 66 cases per day unknown source.

I still find it amazing that a political party that claims to be the best economic managers cannot seem to predict the outcome of exponential growth.

Its like compound interest, only people die.

Useful Apps

Its been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been busy with the new job.

I thought I should also put some links to useful apps for a Mac here for future reference:

Rectangle lets you move apps around on the screen using keyboard controls to quickly position multiple apps.

Karabiner Elements lets you reprogram keyboard keys for different meanings. Particularly useful is to remap the caps-lock key to something useful (eg ctrl-alt-command-shift) to give you another key control

Dozer is a menu bar app that lets you hide other menu bar apps as required.

Rest day

Having the day in Denmark. Recovering from the ride yesterday. That was a hard one.

Hitting the Japanese here today

Yesterday’s ride below: