Arterial Blood Gases

Critical Care Nursing
Arterial Blood Gas interpretation

These files are related to the ABG lectures presented for critical care nursing.

If you are about to attend the lectures, and want a copy of the slides, then get the AcidBase and Oxygenation PDF’s

ABG Oxygenation
This is a PDF of the slides in my talk on oxygenation.

ABG Acid Base
This is a PDF of the slides in my talk on acid-base.

This file is a self assessment quiz. It is not marked, and serves to focus attention on parts of the presentation. You can do it in advance, but its not necessary.


2 thoughts on “Arterial Blood Gases”

  1. Hi Michael,
    I am a masters of nursing student that attended your lectures on oxygenation and ABG interpretation a few weeks ago. During the session you commented on the pulmonary circulations tendancy to shift blood flow away from damaged alvioli where gas exchange isn’t effective to alvioli that are effective (as far as I can remember).
    I’m currently writting an assignment on primary spontaneous pneumothorax and wondered if you have any referances for articles on this subject matter? I’d like to discuss this in my paper.
    Thank you for your time and for sharing your knowledge,
    Jono Burcham

  2. Jono,

    This is in most physiology textbooks (eg Ganong’s Review of Medical Physiology), have a look on the section on ventilation perfusion ratios and the regulation of pulmonary blood flow.

    Its not so much damage to the alveoli that causes this, its a low partial pressure of oxygen. This does include damaged alveoli, but even normal ones that have a hypoxic air mixture would do the same thing.

    Does this help?


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