Stop Citrix Receiver from auto starting on macos

Just for my own reference, this seems to work:

To stop Citrix from automatically starting up the file that needs to be (re)moved is called com.citrix.ReceiverHelper.plist  (Located in the protected folder /Library/LaunchAgents)

To do this safely you need to move it to another location where it won’t be looked at during startup.  It can probably be deleted but to keep things safe I would suggest putting it into your downloads folder.

The commands below can be copied and pasted if you want.

To disable citrix from auto-Starting:

Start Spotlight by pressing command-space and type in terminal
In the terminal app type the following command:

sudo mv /Library/LaunchAgents/com.citrix.ReceiverHelper.plist ~/Downloads

You will need to enter your password (I’m assuming you are an admin for your Mac) as the ability to set or remove a launch agent is priviliged.

To undo this:

You can undo this at any time by moving it back with the reverse command:

sudo mv ~/Downloads/com.citrix.ReceiverHelper.plist  /Library/LaunchAgents/

Or you could probably just reinstall citrix. 

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