Sydney Trip

It’s been a long awaited trip. Delayed by COVID for years, and a few other complications.

Catching up with our friends from Sydney, and planning a holiday for Europe in just a few months.

Its a nice timeout for a long weekend.

Darren Hayes

It’s been a while since I’ve gone out to any sort of musical gig. But I couldn’t resist this one.

I’m sure I’ll stick a couple of pictures up as the night progresses

This is a good start

New year’s eve 2022

Had a great new year’s eve. Probably the geeky highlight was having the ISS pass overhead and wish us a good new year. Its actually a night shot but with a long enough exposure that it kind of looks like daylight. You can see the constellation Orion, and in the middle of it is a streak of light, travelling at 8 Km per second at 400 hundred kilometres away.

Where AI is going

I had to blink at this. A rhyme generated by an AI. Instructed to rewrite Hamlet in the Dr Seuss style of green eggs and ham:

I am Hamlet, Prince of Denmark,
And I have a tale to tell.
It’s a story of ghosts and murder,
And a kingdom in a spell.

I do not like my uncle, Claudius,
I do not like the throne he stole.
I do not like the way he killed my dad,
I do not like his wicked soul.

I do not like my mom, Gertrude,
I do not like the way she acts.
I do not like the way she married him,
I do not like the love she lacks.

But then I met a ghost, a spirit,
Who looked just like my dear old dad.
He whispered to me, Hamlet,
“Avenge me, make him pay, my lad.”

“He killed me, Hamlet, Claudius did,”
“Poured poison in my ear.”
“He took my crown, my throne, my wife,”
“And filled my kingdom with fear.”

“Revenge me, Hamlet, take him down,”
“And right the wrongs he’s done.”
“Avenge me, Hamlet, do it now,”
“Before it’s all said and done.”

So I did it, Hamlet,
I avenged my dear old dad.
I killed Claudius, and Gertrude too,
And put an end to all the bad.

I did it, Hamlet,
And now my story’s told.
I avenged my dad, and found some peace,
But the price was high, and the toll was bold.

The end, Hamlet,
My tale is done.
I hope you liked it, and enjoyed the fun,
Of my story, Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark.

ChatGPT – 2022

Its hard to get your head around the world we are heading into

Bivalent Vaccine

I just found out today that if you have had your second booster, there is no current way to get the bivalent vaccine. Given that the new bivalent vaccines are the first to cover omicron, this is really disappointing.

I guess at some stage the government will permit an additional booster shot, at which point everyone can get it. But if you have been keeping up with your vaccines, you are now actually punished compared to those who were a bit slow getting their second booster.

Day of rest

Its day three of our cycling holiday down south. I’m in a good holiday mode, which is great. It at least partially compensates for the physical discomfort of the last two days of riding.

Day one Quinninup to Manjimup

Day one was a heavy day. 3805 calories on the wahoo counter. 45.7 Km with about 800 metres of climb. Hard work.

Day 2 Donnelly River to Manjimup

I think this should have been the harder day, but I was still tired from day one so I didn’t push quite as hard. Mostly because I couldn’t.

But technically a longer and harder ride. At least this time I didn’t need medical evacuation from the trail and made it all the way to Manjimup

944 metres of climb over 50km of off road trail. I guess the satisfaction at the end of the ride was worth it.

Munda Biddi

Starting the bike trip – today being a travel day.

The place we are staying is pretty nice – The apple is really nicely set up for the next few days in Bridgetown.

Its nice to just chill out.

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