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Server down due to Eaton 3s 550 failure.

My UPS failed me in a big way yesterday – and it took out a whole circuit in my house. Which included the router (so no internet) and indeed no front gate electricity.

Very disappointing. It’s supposed to proceed from this very thing, and instead it actually caused it. Paint me unimpressed with this model.

Still playing with Plex

I’m pretty impressed with what plex manages to do – I’ve only started to scratch the surface. Just with audio. Its pretty amazing for video too, but I’m not yet putting that library in until I have some terabytes of storage available.

But just with music – its ability to download album covers and lyrics to integrate with the music database (I’m using iTunes/music as the basic library) – its really impressive.

Plus Sonos can use it directly (unlike Apple Music) without a host computer streaming sound to the Sonos. Much better than airplay in my view.

Plex Media Server

Using the public holiday to set up a media server – I have been wanting to do this for a while. Whilst I like Spotify, I think that it would be nice to also have my own collection of music. And plex seems like the nicest way to do this.

Will have to see – but so far so good

In particular – Sonos can connect to plex just fine so it plays without needing any intervention. Which I like.

Just means that I can think about building up my personal music collection a bit more.

Vale Shadow

Sadly Shadow died this morning. It was pretty sudden, and I don’t think he suffered at the end.

I keep thinking he is around – he as been a part of my life for nearly 18 years. I’ll miss him for a long while.

Another Fremantle ride

The weather turned out to be ok. I’ve also gone back to being low carb as of yesterday to see if I can get a bit fitter, and the ride turned out surprisingly ok. Just a nice day.

Covid cases versus hospitalisations

I know the data is only early, and there may be a few compounding factors. But what I’ve looked at here is the Australian figures for six months from today (11 July 2022) versus hospitalisations.

In very simple and crude terms, I’ve overlaid the two graphs, with a 2 week shift in time (to account for the delay between infection and hospitalisation).

So what concerns me is the divergence that we are seeing in hospitalisations in the last 1-2 months. Basically, we are seeing about twice as many people in hospital now for a given caseload as we were six months ago, or even two months ago.


First flight – at least the first flight in 3 years. Its for a last minute request to do an inspection in Sydney. So on the plus side – I get to go to Sydney. On the minus side – I lose a long weekend. Overall, I think its still worth it just to remember what its like to fly. Even with a mask on.

Its not super full on the flight, although I already have to deal with the person in front of me just reclining as soon as they could – so its hard to type this.

Overall, it feels really familiar – I guess not a lot has changed in 3 years.

Although now I do worry more about the emissions than before.

Homekit garage control

I can recommend the Meross control kit for controlling a garage door. I’ve installed it and its working brilliantly – so now not only is the back door controllable with Siri, but so is the gate controller.

All in all I’m pretty happy about that – so much less need for a remote control now for the car.