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A day not off

It’s funny how a day can work out.


I didn’t plan to have a day at work.  But it ended up happening.


One of the most productive days I’ve had in a while.  Echo’s reported. Rosters written. And all from going to work, while telling everyone I was having the day off.

New Server


A complete rebuild of the server.  Running on Lion now, which isn’t trivial.  No support for MySql, so it has to been installed manually.

And poor virtual host support – have bought VirtualHostX, which does the job well.

Now I just need to rebuild the whole thing, although the blog entries are here, which is a start.


Solar Versus Wind

I really liked this article on that looked at the fundamentals of solar versus wind.

Currently, wind power is cost neutral (at least) compared with fossil fuels for power generation, but intermittent.  Solar photovoltaic is 4x the cost of fossil fuels such as coal, and doesn’t work all the time – specifically at night.

So it seems obvious which one to develop….  Except for one thing.  All wind power comes from solar energy.  When you look at the total amounts of energy that actually goes into wind power, its a small percentage of solar.

Net result:  There isn’t going to be enough wind power out there to really solve all the world energy problems.  There is plenty of solar power however.

So – solar wins.

The article is here



Task Manager

I know that RoughlyDrafted is a bit of an apple site, but I did find this one amusing

Slowly but surely, microsoft is copying the user interface features of os x.




Or, to put it another way, be grateful that nobody let the programmers put a right mouse click on an iPhone.  Because they would have if they were left to their own devices.