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Cost of solar

Just to follow up from a discussion on friday…

The article notes that the 2009 average cost in the US is 6.1 to 18.1 cents per kilowatt hour.  It was on this basis that they say that IF power gets down to 15 c per kwh it would be competitive.

What about the cost of electricity in Australia?

Well, according to wikipedia, which may not be accurate but I have no reason to doubt it, its 3-5 cents per kwh.

So whilst solar will become cost competitive with coal in the more expensive parts of the US, in five years, possibly, its going to be quite a while before it competes with either the cheaper parts of the US or most of Australia.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m a big believer in renewable power as being the only long term plan that looks viable – but it will only happen with either:

a. Major government initiatives (eg., subsidies & taxes)

b. Major rises in the cost of extracting coal

If we wait for option b, then the economy is going to be in a bad way by the time it happens.


Tea and Toast. Forget the coffee.

Having a good weekend.

Small incident with the coffee maker – I could have sworn it was the sort that you put on the stove.

Turns out it was somewhat more of an electric version, with lots of plastic underneath.  Highly flammable plastic…


Holiday in Mauritius

The view down onto the resort, seen in the distance just behind coconut Island.

Slideshow now set up – one week in “Paradis”.

I guess I’ll learn to deal with all the fossil fuel we burnt to get there and back.




One Day done.

Well, its been a long trip.

The flight overnight to Mauritius was pretty tiring – not much sleep.  Everyone crashed sometime during the day that followed.  We all missed lunch, and were pretty starving by the time we got to dinner.


Which was pretty fabulous – the indian restaurant really was mixed cusine with an emphasis on indian.  The buffet meant that the kids all went crazy on the desserts.


The actual resort is pretty impressive.  I’ve taken some (pre-sunrise) photos from the balcony, looking on to the ocean plus back into the room.


Now to attempt to windsurf today – that should be fun 🙂