Fantastic last day

Casela. Lots of fun with the kids. The slides were awesome. No children were harmed in the making of this adventure.

And the zip line. Just amazing, especially the last one at 400 metres of cable..

Easter 2019

Its been a few days since posting. Mostly because things have felt busy. Which is funny, for a laid back holiday. Overall, really they have been fantastic.

Easter Friday was a busy trip up the coast in a catamaran, followed by an excellent Indian lunch, shopping, a visit to the botanical gardens, and a late dinner.

Which meant that Easter Saturday was mostly spent recovering. Yesterday, Easter Sunday, was a bit more active, with windsurfing and so on.

I’ve managed to get to my gym sessions everyday, at least for the resistance training. I’m not sure if I’ve actually noticed a difference, but hopefully something will show from daily gym sessions by th time I get back.

I’ve also managed to skip a couple of meals, which is probably a good thing in all of this.

Oh well, I’m off to the gym again now…

Day four

I think it takes about ten days to zone out normally for me. But maybe I’m there in four this time.

Another hour of aerobics, and 45 minutes in the “musculation” room. I love that term. And a short run on the windsurfer.

I’m pretty good today.

Day Three

Ok, so now I’m really a bit wrecked from all the gym time. 1 hour aerobics, 40 min weights plus some extras spotting others.

So really tired. Last night was good with cocktails on the beach however. Its a real competition between the intake and the output here…

Day Two

Second day (if you don’t count the day we got in late). Managed a bit of gym for both cardio and, to use their word, “musculation”. I love that term – I don’t really think we have a word for that in English.

So, just chilling out again today. Hopefully get out on the water this afternoon, although still not much wind to actually go windsurfing. Might kayak if there isn’t much wind.

Can’t complain really – life is pretty good.

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