Back to the low-carbs

Started on Saturday in fact, and aiming to go low carb for the next four weeks – just to see what can be achieved. Also to help when away on holidays.

Also aiming to do more exercise as part of the package.

Strange Morning

So bizzare. A bit less sleep than I should have had. I blame Netflix and the whole first season of Russian Doll for that.

Then there is all this stuff happening around me. It feels strangely peripheral. Perhaps it affects others more. I keep feeling that that there is an island of stability around some turbulent waters here.

And I’m really just making a note of this to myself for future reference.


This one took time. A new SSD for the Mac mini. But its in, and upgraded. So far, so good. The mini is working like a treat.

Interestingly, I never saw the second HDD, but did manage to get the old flash drive out.