Rest day

Having the day in Denmark. Recovering from the ride yesterday. That was a hard one.

Hitting the Japanese here today

Yesterday’s ride below:

Day 3 in Denmark

It was a hard day, for sure. 39 Km for me, but mostly over sand more than gravel.

We did make it to the hut.

And finally made it home.

I think after three days of riding, we are looking at a rest day tomorrow. Much needed.

Day 2 in Denmark

It’s still wet here 😀

But we still got a ride in. Definitely feeling the ache in my legs from yesterday. Actually did a longer ride than yesterday but easier. Or it would have been if not for the pain..

today’s ride starts

Rather wet

Apparently 51 mm rain yesterday. I’m sure we wore more than a few mm of that.

Today looks bleak – some warnings in the BOM website of flash flooding in the region. Most of the rain in the morning hopefully however so maybe another shorter ride in the afternoon will be possible.


First morning in the place. There is an ocean view, maybe more than glimpses even.

Unfortunately the BOM forecast is for possible storms all week. But we were expecting, and showers are going to be ok.

Besides which, there are worse places to be stuck in a storm.