Long weekend

Its been a great long weekend

A good ride this morning, and its apparent just how nice fremantle is in this weather

Add to this the general all round niceness of being off for a long weekend and its just good.

Easter Weekend

Its been a good weekend, at least in some ways. Difficult times really with everything going on at work.

But the weekend was good. Time out, some rides on the bike, and time with a lot of my friends.

In fact, it was so busy I’m still working on building up my mail server, which is a good way to be too busy for once.

Rising Tides

Looking at all of this – I’m pretty sure when they built this bridge and underpass, it wasn’t meant to go under water when the tide is in.

Rising tides at Canning Bridge
Canning Bridge

I think that’s pretty interesting evidence of the rising tides.