Office 2011 for Mac

Have been playing with office 2011, and it is an interesting comparison with iWork.

Have to say that word is surprisingly good with the ribbon.  Nice software.  It complements Pages, which is desktop publishing done well.

Excel is excel.  Numbers doesn’t come close, unless you just want pretty.

Powerpoint still is the poor man’s choice compared to Keynote, but its getting better.  If you’ve not used keynote, you would think it was the best presentation software out there.

Certainly its not the cripple-ware that we had in the previous version.  (Office 2008 was the vista of mac office suites).

This one isn’t too bad functionality wise.  (The activation still sucks, and it bothers me that they make and activation free version of it that they just won’t sell me)…

Oil Exports

Oil Export versus Production
Oil Export

If anything explains the problem we face in oil, it is this graph.

Notice how the peak of oil production doesn’t really go down that fast.  We took 150 years to get here, and the oil we extract isn’t going to decline that fast either.  In 2030 we will probably have as much oil as we had in the 80’s.

Of course, people flew around the world a lot less then.  And there were less of us.

But even more worrying, is that the remaining oil exporting nations are still growing in their use.  And as oil prices rise, their economies will improve.  So they will use more oil, even as they produce less.

So, the oil that remains for the rest of us is going to decrease dramatically.  And its price will rise.

And that is where the problems will begin.


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