Apple help line

It took over 90 minutes on the phone, but I’m impressed with how apple sorted the problem.

Don’t really know what happened, probably never will, but its fixed now.


Compromised Apple Account

Don’t quite know how this one happened, but someone from china seems to be trying to get one of my apple id’s

At least Apple support seems helpful at the moment.

Lets see how it pans out…

Slow responses

Trying to work out why my site has slow responses to web request.


It seems that a plug in is the most likely cause, but where to start?




Well, its been a fun transition.

The NBN is online, and working.

Skymesh decided to renumber my “static” ip address, just a couple of days after moving over…

Really?  This was so frustrating.

Hopefully its a one off.
At least there is a good connection to the real world now…

Fixing an iPhone

I’m amazed that it takes 2 days just to book an appointment  get your iPhone fixed at an Apple store.

Hardly a premium service…