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This one took time. A new SSD for the Mac mini. But its in, and upgraded. So far, so good. The mini is working like a treat.

Interestingly, I never saw the second HDD, but did manage to get the old flash drive out.

Homekit Woes

Yep.  Homekit just lost my entire house setup.

No obvious reason for it.  Just suddenly, there are no devices in my now empty house (homekit wise empty that is).

This is a complete pain. Not impressed.

Apple event

Wow – apple is finally moving back to something good with its hardware

The Mac mini got the update it needed.

The new air looks reasonably good, and better than the MacBook pros as they have a proper keyboard

And the ipad.  That ipad.  Looks really good.

This was a really big event – apple is going in the right direction again

And then it goes down

Which is not what you want to be remote trouble shooting, just before boarding, from the airport in the lead up to a 12 hour flight, with no sleep overnight in the lead up to all of this


No idea why the websites went down, but fixed anyway now.  Or you wouldn’t be reading this .

Now with SSL

Finally – now working with SSL.

So you can see this site via an encrypted link:


as well as the unencrypted old school link


I think it was worth the effort…