Just looking for the best WordPress spreadsheet plugin

Probably WPDataTables looks best. Had to increase the maximum upload size of a file by editing the .htaccess file in the www directory. It was still set at a 2MB maximum.

I’m surprised that this is still the case, it must have been higher in the past. Presumably before I migrated to this server.

Test Spreadsheet

Joondalup Health Campus

Anaesthesia On Call For 2021 November

DA: Call 9121 for Consultant or Senior Registrar on site 24/7
Day/Evening: Mon-Fri 1800-2200, Sat/Sun/PH 0800-1800
Night Start: Weekdays 2200 On, Sat/Sun/PH 1800 on
Night Finish: 6 am weekdays (Duty Anaesthetist covers 6-8am), 8 am weekends Second on call: Mon-Fri 1800-2200, Sat/Sun/PH 0800-1800

2021 November OnCall

Day Day/Evening Night 2nd On Call
Mon 1 Penney Penney Tan
Tue 2 Allan Allan Bredenkamp
Wed 3 Tay Tay Fakes
Thu 4 Hue Hue Altamimi
Fri 5 Sim Sim Smither
Sat 6 Hassan Kompardt Nicholas
Sun 7 Baumgartner Hamid Kelly
Mon 8 Garside Garside Maiden
Tue 9 Bredenkamp Bredenkamp Flett
Wed 10 Hii Hii Nientiedt
Thu 11 Funke Funke Gorton
Fri 12 Chakera Chakera Lee
Sat 13 Altamimi Hii PNientiedt
Sun 14 Nientiedt Beilharz James
Mon 15 Penney Penney Milne
Tue 16 Khangure Khangure Vaughn
Wed 17 Tay Tay Kompardt
Thu 18 Collins Collins Hue
Fri 19 Zuccherelli Zuccherelli PNientiedt
Sat 20 Hassan Ho Lee
Sun 21 Tan Kriel Vaughn
Mon 22 Gorton Gorton Maiden
Tue 23 Ho Ho Zuccherelli
Wed 24 Nicholas Nicholas Fakes
Thu 25 ChiuW ChiuW Bhatt
Fri 26 Torre Torre Kelly
Sat 27 Altamimi Chin Milne
Sun 28 Rajan Funke Chin
Mon 29 Penney Penney Garside
Tue 30 Allan Allan Bhatt