Just looking for the best WordPress spreadsheet plugin

Probably WPDataTables looks best. Had to increase the maximum upload size of a file by editing the .htaccess file in the www directory. It was still set at a 2MB maximum.

I’m surprised that this is still the case, it must have been higher in the past. Presumably before I migrated to this server.

Test Spreadsheet

Joondalup Health Campus

Anaesthesia On Call For 2021 November

DA: Call 9121 for Consultant or Senior Registrar on site 24/7
Day/Evening: Mon-Fri 1800-2200, Sat/Sun/PH 0800-1800
Night Start: Weekdays 2200 On, Sat/Sun/PH 1800 on
Night Finish: 6 am weekdays (Duty Anaesthetist covers 6-8am), 8 am weekends Second on call: Mon-Fri 1800-2200, Sat/Sun/PH 0800-1800

[wpdatatable id=3]