One Week On

Well, its been a week. I’m a lot better now, and certainly on the road to recovery. I think I’ll be sore for a few more weeks yet. If anything, I’m just grateful for everything that has been done for me. Its been really appreciated.

I think this is an opportunity to look at my health overall and just make sure that I’m doing everything right from here on in.

Post surgery

First dressing change in my left shoulder.

I guess I have a real war wound now. It’s right up there with a bad case of man flu

And then there are the more minor grazed bits of my flank


All good now.

Turns out I had torn the muscle of the clavicle so it’s nice to know it’s been repaired.

No weights for six weeks


Well today ended differently to how I had planned it.

One fractured clavicle. Five fractured ribs (T1-3 posteriorly, T5-6 anteriorly). A free helicopter ride to Perth.

And a free nights stay for bed and breakfast in the state trauma unit..

I’ve also had a smorgasbord of schedule 8 drugs, none of which really gives me any idea of what makes them attractive to some people

Could have been much worse, and I have had excellent care throughout.