Still playing with Plex

I’m pretty impressed with what plex manages to do – I’ve only started to scratch the surface. Just with audio. Its pretty amazing for video too, but I’m not yet putting that library in until I have some terabytes of storage available.

But just with music – its ability to download album covers and lyrics to integrate with the music database (I’m using iTunes/music as the basic library) – its really impressive.

Plus Sonos can use it directly (unlike Apple Music) without a host computer streaming sound to the Sonos. Much better than airplay in my view.

Plex Media Server

Using the public holiday to set up a media server – I have been wanting to do this for a while. Whilst I like Spotify, I think that it would be nice to also have my own collection of music. And plex seems like the nicest way to do this.

Will have to see – but so far so good

In particular – Sonos can connect to plex just fine so it plays without needing any intervention. Which I like.

Just means that I can think about building up my personal music collection a bit more.

Vale Shadow

Sadly Shadow died this morning. It was pretty sudden, and I don’t think he suffered at the end.

I keep thinking he is around – he as been a part of my life for nearly 18 years. I’ll miss him for a long while.