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Matera 2019

 From being the national shame to the showcase of Italian cuture, Matera has been transformed, mostly by tourism , into what will be the cultural center of Italy in 2019.

Works are evident everywhere. The area looks nothing like what it did years ago when the 20000 traditional settlers were relocated.  It now houses 2000 people in the old part (“casa grotto” or house cave) of town.

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Dug out of a limestone cliff.  Amazing town.  Apparently used by squatters until the 1950’s when the government intervened out of concerns for the health of the children in particular.

Subsequent decision to rebuild this area and it became a significant tourist destination.


Alberobello is a fascinating town.  Its uniqueness relates to the construction of many of its homes, with stone roofs.  There are over a hundred of them here in town, and many are used by the locals as their residence.  A moderate number have been converted to hotel rooms.