Smart Lighting

Well, its been a bit of an adventure, but I think I have most of the upstairs set up with smart lighting. Probably need another six lights for the kitchen to finish it off, but mostly there now which is good.

And its very pretty…

Christmas Day

I am just so grateful for what we have. I realise that Christmas probably isn’t so nice in many parts of the world.

In perth however all we have to complain about is that it’s a hot day

Christmas Eve

A great night at our friends. Far too much food. Probably too much singing. Definitely too much bagpipe playing.

And getting ready for the start of christmas day. Going back to old traditions with an early rise for the presents getting opened by the children. Not that they are really children so much any more.

Night Photo

Just loved this one. From the balcony, with night mode on.

Jupiter and Saturn visible in the sky. It’s the small star at the top of the picture. Zoom in to see them.

Cycle boot camp

Another day, another ride. Actually the same ride as yesterday, but 2km/hr faster average, with a few more calories burnt for the same distance courtesy of air resistance.

I still haven’t tried apple’s fitness plus but that could be on my list for today.

Another day, another ride.